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Could Large-Scale Urban Farming Actually Work?


An urban farm in Brooklyn.

Is there enough vacant space in your typical big city to even come close to supplying the community’s needs?

By bigkingken
Big Ten Science blog
January 4, 2011


One of the coolest ideas that has come about through the whole “green” and “sustainable” movement, in my opinion, is that of urban farming. I mean think about it. You’ve got all of this space in a city just sitting around doing nothing. Completely empty lots that not only are eyesores to the community, but a drain to the city’s tax dollars. Add to this the fact that numerous studies have shown that poor, urban populations are much more likely to be obese with all of the resulting medical problems associated with it, and it is easy to see where the idea came from.

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2011: The Year of the Vegetable says Chairman of Burpee Seeds


Doylestown PA’s W. Atlee Burpee was just eighteen, when he started his own mail order business in 1872. By 1888, he had transformed the family home “Fordhook Farms” into his own experimental agricultural station where he grew and tested new varieties of flowers and vegetables before offering them for sale in his catalog. When W Burpee died in 1910, his was the largest seed company in the world.

Children can learn to enjoy healthier foods if they grow them with their parents. It’s easier than you think.

By George Ball
Opinion – Wall Street Journal
Jan. 3, 2011
Mr. Ball is chairman of the W. Atlee Burpee Co. and past president of the American Horticultural Society.


In our research at Atlee Burpee, we have found that kids who grow vegetables alongside their parents eat them regularly and with gusto. Peas, green beans and raw carrots—the very vegetables that kids are told to eat, their parents’ admonishing fingers wagging—are particular favorites.

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Olla Urban Flower Project – Vancouver BC


Olla’s long term goal to urbanize flower production

For a social enterprise start-up like Olla Urban Flower Project, community is everything. Our innovative plant and flower shop located in Gastown continues to grow organically by word of mouth and takes strength and inspiration from our community partnerships.

Our fabulous initiatives taking root in 2011:

New partnership with SOLEfood Inner City Farms that will help us move towards our goal of urbanizing cut flower production.

New workshop series examining urban gardening techniques and flower arranging traditions from around the globe.

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