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2009/2010 New York City Community Garden Report


Interactive map lets users look at each surveyed item spatially and compare two items at once – for example, gardens that compost AND partner with schools, or gardens that grow food in the Bronx. It also lets users add a few political borders.

Community Garden Survey: New York City Results 2009/2010

By Mara Gittleman, Lenny Librizzi, Edie Stone
Grow New York City and Green Thumb, NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation

• In 2009, there were at least 490 community gardens in NYC.
• Approximately 80% of community gardens in NYC grow food.
• 65.6% of community gardens in NYC compost, and 20 of these gardens will accept organic waste from the public.
• 43% of community gardens in NYC partner with at least one local school, and another 39% would like to.

The 2009/2010 NYC community garden report attempts to answer a number of questions, including:

How many community gardens are there today?
How many grow food, and which crops?
How does one join a garden in my neighborhood?
What kinds of partnerships with schools and community groups do gardens have?
What types of events take place?

See the report and garden map here.