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“FarmVille” vs. Real Farms [INFOGRAPHIC]


60 million FarmVille players in the world

By Shane Snow
Sept. 2010


With all those millions of Facebook and iPhone users tending to virtual crops and sharing them with friends, have you ever wondered how their toils stack up against actual real-life farmers?

How does our output of digital (and decidedly less tasty) tomatoes compare with our worldwide production of real tomatoes? And perhaps most importantly, who are these casual croppers, and are they anything like their plow-toting counterparts?

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January 9, 2011   Comments Off on “FarmVille” vs. Real Farms [INFOGRAPHIC]

Fee of $400 suggested for farming inside city of Reedsburg, Wisconsin


“We’re basically just trying to cover the city’s costs.”

By Ken Leiviska,
January 8, 2011

An ordinance allowing limited agricultural use in residentially zoned areas was approved in November, but the fee to perform harvesting will not be discussed by the Reedsburg Common Council until Monday.

The new ordinance will allow developers to apply for an annual permit so they can harvest crops on undeveloped residential sites for one year. On Tuesday, the city Plan Commission decided to recommend that the fee should be set at $400.

“We’re basically just trying to cover the city’s costs,” said city engineer Steve Zibell. “It takes into account the staff’s time, the paperwork, making copies and mailing notifications.”

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January 9, 2011   2 Comments