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Indian corporation takes urban farming classes

TCS, the pioneer of software services in India, attends urban farming workshop in Mumbai

Urban Leaves blog
Jan. 27, 2011


After a brief introduction of the activities of Urban Leaves by Shri Uday Acharya, Preeti started explaining the fundamentals of Natueco science agriculture, city farming and its importance in our daily life – as a source of fresh home grown produce, assurance of being organic as also being a refreshing activity involving community bonding. The demonstration of available cultivable land with the help of an Apple was an eye opener for everyone to know how little amount of cultivable land is actually available for feeding the entire worlds population.

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Blogger posts video of Japanese urban gardens

By a Canadian in Kobe
Jan 27, 2011


“Many people in Japan’s urban centers live in pretty cramped quarters. Even owning your own house doesn’t guarantee you will have enough space for a lawn or garden. It is actually quite rare to see a home in the city that has a front or back yard. Of course many people, especially seniors, come from more rural backgrounds and have a desire to keep their thumbs green. How do they do it? They maintain their desire for gardening by creating small garden plots wherever they can find the space.

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CNN reports on Mexico City’s urban agriculture


Picture image above. See video here.

Video report

January 27, 2011

CNN’s Richard Quest reports on Mexico City’s example of growing your own food in small city space.

See video here.

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Monkeys in the garden – a pest control idea from India

Monkey going after fruit at breakfast buffet. Photo by JakeChalkley.

The snakes death of course was the signal for the most joyous chatterings and gambols.”

From a very old, undated, New York Times article

“The gentleman had a garden where he grew delicious fruit. The sacred monkeys easily scaled the walls and helped themselves. They were not content with simply eating, but amused themselves with throwing half-munched fruit at each other. To shoot these pests was out of the question, and to hit them with stones was impossible, as they easily dodged any missile that might be thrown at them.

An idea struck the Englishman one day, and he at once proceeded to carry it into effect with great success. He got a large basket of the largest potatoes that were to be found and had them boiled.

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