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Pasadena’s ‘Urban Homestead’ family sets record harvest

The Dervaes harvested 7,030 pounds of organic produce on 1/10th acre in 2010 – a record since they started keeping track 10 years ago

Excerpt from the Urban Homestead site:

These last few days, I too have been anxiously waiting the final harvest tally from Justin who’s been going through the invoice books to tally the herbs and edible flower boxes that we harvested and sold (which came to 117 lbs for the year).

On a side note, we just couldn’t figure out how to calculate the weight of 100 plus flats of wheat grass that we grew last year, so we just left them out of the final tally. Oh well.

The extremely wet and cold December affected our harvest numbers, and of course there are still loads of oranges on the trees but it wouldn’t be right to strip the trees clean just to bump up the tally. We were tempted though!

So the numbers are in!

From our 1/10 acre growing grounds: Jan 130 lbs, Feb 139 lbs, Mar 396 lbs, Apr 555 lbs, May 590 lbs, Jun 730 lbs, Jul 1110 lbs, Aug 1228 lbs, Sep 638 lbs, Oct 388 lbs, Nov 492 lbs plus 117# herb and flower sales

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1 Amy Sirk { 02.02.11 at 6:08 am }

Absolutely amazing! Well done.

2 Sherilyn Jackson { 02.02.11 at 8:59 am }

I am BLESSED to have a friendship with this lovely family & I KNOW how hard they work. If modern society would look at this model, we would never be hungry, bullets wouldn’t fly randomly throughout our cities& the PEACE & FULFILLMENT of family values would again abound. I am so PROUD of what they’ve accomplished & so GRATEFUL for what I’ve learned from their example. The Dervaes’ ROCK!!