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Le numéro 1 du Bulletin d’information “Villes Agricoles”

Veuillez trouver ci-joint le numéro 1 du Bulletin d’information « Villes Agricoles » édité par le Bureau Agriculture Urbaine de l’IAGU.

Secrétaire de Direction
Bureau Agriculture Urbaine
de l’Institut Africain de Gestion Urbaine (IAGU-BAU)
BP : 104 Tél : (226) 20 98 16 54
Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso
Email :

See the 10 page bulletin here (3MB).

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1937 – To Hell with Farming by an ex-farmer

A farmer, eh? Master of your own time, down to the city for a spree. Y’know, I’ve always wanted to break away and have a little farm in the country.”

[This article first appeared in American Mercury (November 1937).

I used to be a timid, thin man. I never got on very well in the city. When I was talking to people, they tended to drift away, or they turned to someone else and said: “Having nice weather, aren’t we?” I didn’t see in my job any of the heroic aspects my superiors were always glorying in, so probably I wasn’t very good at it.

For a while I turned to poetry and wrote a beauty about the song of the hermit thrush, but everybody in the office thought it was la-di-da. I didn’t like noise or smoke or subways or hurrying or playing golf or getting drunk Saturday nights, so I began to think there must be something wrong.

I went to a psychoanalyst who told me I disliked everything too much. For this I took a great dislike to the psychoanalyst. I refused to pay five bucks for this new hate, and the psychoanalyst ended by hating me. So I decided to “get away from it all” — to move from the city to the great quiet of the country and simplify my life. I bought a farm far up in New England, and I bought a cow, too. I had always wanted to own a cow and watch it cropping my grass while I dreamed the days away.

[

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A New Generation of Victory Gardens: NRDC’s Sustainable Food Awards Show Emergence of Urban Farming

Last years Growing Green Awards winners.

Huffington Post a big supporter of City Farming

By Jonathan Kaplan
Senior policy specialist, Natural Resources Defense Council
Huffington Post
February 5, 2011


Based on the entries for this year’s Growing Green Awards — NRDC’s annual award series for sustainable food leaders — the victory garden may be making a comeback. When we created the awards in 2009, we received a single nomination for a rooftop farm. Now in our third awards cycle, the application pile is teeming with up-and-coming urban farmers.

The job of selecting NRDC’s 2011 Growing Green Awards winners is looking harder than ever, given so many impressive nominations. This year we received 265 applicants in our categories of Food Producer, Business Leader, Knowledge Leader and Young Food Leader. While there are only four awards, I can tell you that dozens of these food leaders are qualified to win.

[

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