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San Francisco Planning Commissioners support urban agriculture zoning legislation

Photo of Eli Zigas addressing the Commissioners. Taken by Blair Randall.


By Brooke Budner and Caitlyn Galloway
Little City Gardens
Feb. 18, 2011


What you can’t see in this photo is the sea of supporters squeezed into the Public Hearing room, lining the walls, sitting on the floor, overflowing into the hallway, and peering into the room from a small window. There were urban gardeners, rural farmers, business owners, families, students, teachers, chefs, neighbors young and old, all listening attentively as the Planning Commissioners eventually announced their unanimous support for the proposed legislation to amend San Francisco zoning code.

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February 18, 2011   Comments Off on San Francisco Planning Commissioners support urban agriculture zoning legislation

Attempt to trademark name “Urban Homesteading” causes furor

I Am An Urban Homesteader, Nyah Nyah

By Erica
Northwest Edible Life
Feb 16, 2011


Today a veritable shitstorm of anger blew flew through the urban homesteading community. The Dervaes are an urban homesteading family (or institute, or church, depending on how they are defining themselves at any particular moment) that have been building their own mini-farm for over 25 years in Pasadena, California. Recently they trademarked the phrases “Urban Homesteading”, “Urban Homesteader” and over a dozen other terms. Yesterday the family began sending “cease and desist” letters to bloggers, libraries (!) and organizations using the now-tradmarked terms. Facebook pages using the term “Urban Homesteading” were yanked.

My community’s reaction to all this? Well, let’s just say I’ve never seen a bunch of greeny hippies more armed for bear and ready for blood. Pretty universally, the Dervaes’ attempted enforcement of their iffy trademark claim was seen as a betrayal of the community, a forsaking of the values of modern urban homesteading and a push beyond the reasonable.

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February 18, 2011   7 Comments