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Group struggles to implement urban agriculture in Lantzville, BC.

Time Sensitive – Bylaw Changes

By Louise Negrave
Lantzville Urban Agriculture
Apr 26, 2011


Council has placed themselves and the residents of Lantzville on a very tight timeline to deal with the issue of urban agriculture. Since neither council nor staff have the required expertise in this area, and we want a “made in Lantzville solution”, as council had initially proposed, I recommend we ask council to delay pushing through this bylaw until concerns of all parties can be adequately addressed.

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Pregnant teen mums protest closure of Detroit High School that teaches them how to become urban farmers

Famous Catherine Ferguson Academy may be closed – 13 arrested in heroic action

By Diane Bukowski
Apr 19, 2011
Voice of Detroit
(A sad story! Mike)

DETROIT – In an interview with VOD, Ashley Matthews, 17, described the heroic student-led occupation of her school, Catherine Ferguson Academy on April 15. She spoke of the wholehearted support the young mothers received from the community, as well as the vicious physical and verbal brutality police visited on them during their arrests.

She said two toddlers, there with their mothers, watched the events.

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Author David Tracey says urban agriculture will force us to rethink the design of the modern city

David Tracey stands near the Eco Pavilion in Strathcona Community Garden. The Eco Pavilion, a house-like structure with solar panels, is located off Prior and Hawkes streets. Photograph by: Arlen Redekop, PNG, Vancouver Sun.

From garden city to farm city

By Steve Whysall
Vancouver Sun
April 29, 2011


Imagine Vancouver in the not-too distant future. There are food gardens everywhere. Mini-farms. On rooftops. In parks. Next to gas stations. Filling empty lots.

And there are fruit and vegetable kiosks dotted here and there, selling fresh, organically grown produce that has been picked only a few hours earlier.

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Urban Agriculture in Estonia

Photo by Kimmo Kirvelä.

116 page publication in Estonian

söödav linn 1
Ülevaade Linnalabori 2008, aasta katuseaianduse katsest ning linnas toidu kasvatamise perspektiividest

“Edible City 1” is the first publication to introduce city agriculture into re-independent Estonia. It is based on a popular science test run by Linnalabor (Urban Lab) in 2008 where we measured the quantity of pollution in edible plants growing next to major roads. The experiment provided an opportunity to concentrate on the broad field of city gardening and to introduce it at public events and in the media.

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In the Garden by Edward Henry Potthast

Edward Henry Potthast (1857 – 1927) was an American Impressionist painter.

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. From June 10, 1879 to March 9, 1881 he studied with Thomas Satterwhite Noble. He later studied at the Royal Academy in Munich with the American-born instructor Carl Marr.

[

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Montreal urban agriculture blossoms despite red tape

Kurt Lynn, Mohamed Hage, and Yahya Badran of Lufa Farms. Photo by Craig Silverman.

“There’s a lot the city can do to make this process much simpler.”

By Brennan Neill
Open File


After two months of round-the-clock care, the first batch of vegetables at Lufa Farms is ready to be harvested. The eggplants and tomatoes that have been growing since February will soon be picked by a small staff of roughly ten people. Meanwhile, the cucumbers and bell peppers just a few rows over will continue to ripen in Lufa’s massive rooftop greenhouse, which sits on top of a two storey commercial building in Ahuntsic-Cartierville.

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Philippine senator files bill to create food farms in urban areas to help attain food security

Manuel Mercado Lapid , popularly known as Lito Lapid, (born October 25, 1955 in Porac, Pampanga) is a Filipino actor, politician and Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.

The bill also tasks the Department of Science and Technology to study vertical farming


An Act promoting the use of urban agriculture and vertical farming in the country’s metropolitan areas to address food security concerns and regenerate ecosystem functions appropriating funds therefor and for other purpose.

Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

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ABC News talks with Dr. Despommier about vertical farms

Farms for Growing Cities

By Linsey Davis
ABC News
April 27, 2011

Dickson Despommier discusses how to move food production to urban areas.

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Taking root: Just in time for growing season, Model D begins series on urban farming in the D (Detroit)

Brother Nature in North Corktown. Photo by Marvin Shaouni.

Detroit’s food system seems to get richer and more complex everyday.

Patrick Crouch
Model D Media
Apr. 26, 2011


Detroit’s current vibrant urban agriculture movement attracts people to this work for multiple reasons.

For some it’s the political act of increased food sovereignty for peoples in the city of Detroit, exhibited by groups like Feedom Freedom, the Detroit Black Food Community Security Network, and the Capuchin Soup Kitchen’s Earthworks Urban Farm.

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Detroit Chicken Race – Photos by Marvin Shaouni

Photo by Marvin Shaouni. See photos/video of the event here.

17 chickens entered in the race were there to battle it out for charity

Marvin Shaouni Photography Blog
Aug 3, 2010


Along the Cass Corridor, on a graveled vacant lot shadowed by the Masonic Temple, between the Temple Bar and an old renovated fire station, the first ever Detroit Chicken Race was held. The event would see a flux of about 150 people over the course of an early Sunday evening, rolling into dusk.

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Urban Agriculture – the Way of the Future?

Dr Robert Biel in Brixton Community Garden in South London. Photo by Julian Jackson.

Dr. Biel is the author of “The Entropy of Capitalism”

By Julian Jackson – Environment and Technology Correspondent
Earth Times
26 Apr 2011

Together with Yves Cabannes, Robert Biel leads the University College London’s Development Planning Unit’s Urban Agriculture research unit, which undertakes a wider range of funded research, consultancy and teaching.


Dr Robert Biel is an author and academic, who works for University College London and has written about sustainable agriculture. More than that, he practices what he calls ”experimental agriculture” in his own allotment and with his students. Biel believes that we are coming to a crisis of agricultural production, and we need to have more ‘Food Sovereignty’, which he defines as greater autonomy over our own food production.

[

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Edmonton’s City Centre Redevelopment includes urban agriculture

Agrihood by Perkins and Will, from Vancouver, Canada.

Five teams were short listed

The City Centre Redevelopment project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We can create a new community in the heart of the city that will bring Edmonton to the forefront of the world stage in sustainable community development.

In 2010, five teams were short listed from 33 international submissions to provide their proposals for our new community. Representatives from the five finalists, from Europe and North America, visited our city and were excited to participate in the City’s vision to redevelop this large, centrally-located piece of land (217 hectares or the equivalent of 266 Canadian football fields, including end zones.)

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PodPonics uses shipping containers to grow food downtown

CNN Video: A new farming method can condense an acre’s worth of food into one single pod. Photojournalist Greg Kilday explains.

Podponics is a new hydroponics growing system designed to decrease the energy consumption and expenses of traditional indoor growing.

Created by technology veteran Matt Liotta, the produce is grown within used shipping containers called pods in a traditional nutrient solution. Each pod utilizes a computer and a HVAC system to control the container’s environmental factors, which are regulated based on the plant’s varying needs throughout its life cycle.

[

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CBC News reports: Community garden boom in Vancouver

See the video here.

More garden space needed

By Lisa Johnson
CBC News, BC, Canada,
April 21, 2011

Despite a tripling of community gardens in Vancouver, the supply has not kept up with the growing demand, the CBC’s Lisa Johnson reports.

See the video here.

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CNN video: New York Restaurant serves home-grown greens with pizza

Apr. 21, 2011. New York photojournalist Rick Hall shows us how the bricks of Bushwick laid the ground for a garden sensation.

Roberta’s in Brooklyn

From a review:

Think I’ve found the definitive meal of this trip in obscure, industrial Bushwick. Amid shuttered warehouses, graffiti and empty streets, in an old garage with a cinder block facade rehabbed into a pizzeria, bakery, beer garden (edible) and borough’s slacker-organic-locavore HQ.

Chef brought the first taste from kitchen just as we got our bevies-poached egg w/ trout roe & breadcrumbs-smoky, creamy, salty, wow. Next up, braised mackerel w/ lemon jelly on levain bread. Hoyy … now this is how you do amuse!

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