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Urban Farming In Shanghai

Balcony Farms Sprout In City

By Neeno Pandora
The Urban Times
May 9 201


Scares about food safety and the high cost of organics in Shanghai are prompting some city residents to grow their own veggies that are clean, safe, cheap and fresh. Yao Minji visits balcony farmers.

Kevin Liu will have stir-fried green onions with scrambled eggs for dinner tonight, since the leeks he planted last spring on his windowsill are ready to be harvested.

Liu started growing vegetables at home last spring and he is only one among thousands of “balcony farmers” sprouting up around Shanghai. With the increasing concerns about food safety in China, it has become popular among urbanites to grow their own vegetables – they are safer, fresher and cheaper – and the balcony makes an excellent garden.

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