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World Naked Gardening Day – Saturday May 14, 2011

The green-fingered husband and wife, Ian and Barbara Pollard, work at the Abbey House Gardens in Wiltshire, England and tend to their plants completely starkers!

Ready the soil, plant seeds and take off your clothes

By Julie Washington,
The Plain Dealer
May 11, 2011,


It was a perfect morning in Pat Brown’s back yard — temperature in the low 70s, no rain, sunny. She was itching to take off her clothes and start gardening.

You heard right.

“I do garden in the nude, and I enjoy it,” admitted Brown, 69, a master gardener living near Eugene, Ore.

English naturists, Ian and Barbara Pollard.

I called Brown to learn more about Sixth Annual World Naked Gardening Day Saturday. On that day, we’re all supposed to spice up the weekend by letting it all hang out while we rake, weed and hoe.

The celebration is sponsored by the American Association for Nude Recreation. They must be legit — they have an iPhone app and a mention in a recent Wall Street Journal article. The writer noted that the 250 nudist resorts, cruises and other events add up to a $440 million business in the United States.

Read the complete article here.

World Naked Gardening Day website.

The Naked Gardeners by Ian and Barbara Pollard here.

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1 Ms Ta { 05.14.11 at 4:40 am }

love it!
i have done this a lot too and its really fun!