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Illegal Chickens Forced into Hiding in San Diego

Kaya de Barbaro and her roommates used to take care of Oscar and Owl, two hens, at their home in North Park. But the city of San Diego found out and said the chickens had to go. Now, they live in hiding in a temporary coop elsewhere in the city. Photo by Sam Hodgson.

After a few months, they even started paying rent: One egg a day.

By Adrian Florido
Voice of San Diego
May 15, 2011


Theirs is a sad story, of two chicks whose lives started with promise, but went terribly wrong. They were raised in a small backyard in North Park by a house full of young, environment-conscious roommates eager to embrace the growing urban agriculture movement. Oscar and Owl lived happy, egg-laying, bug-scavenging existences.

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More about Dalston Farm Shop in London

Eco vision: founders Andy Merritt and Paul Smyth.

Down on Dalston’s farm

By Kieran Long
London Evening Standard
11 May 2011


The main ground-floor room, where beds of salad plants bud, is most notable for two huge fish tanks at the front of the room, containing a multitude of tilapia fish. The fish are part of the produce of Farm: Shop but also play their part in an aquaponic system that naturally enriches the water with nutrients to feed all the plants in the room. No new water is fed into the system. The protein- and nitrate-rich water coming out of the tilapia tanks is filtered and then used to feed a series of plant beds, circulated around further tanks and finally pumped, now clean, back into the fish tanks. It’s quite astonishing, a closed system, on full view to the many curious members of the public who pop in to have a look. It’s a manipulated but natural ecology in a front room in Hackney.

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