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Photos of allotment garden in Cardiff, Wales

See photos of the garden here.

Cardiff photographer Tom Ashmore visits the Riverside community allotment garden


I was met by a lovely lady of the earth called Jenny Howell, who let me through the gate with a warm-hearted welcome. She gave me a tour of the site and we had a chat about what they’re up to. I was instantly drawn to Jenny. You know the type of people – she had a chirpy voice and was full of life and humour. Being a total garden novice I relied on her expert knowledge to give me an understanding of what they do, why it’s different, and how people benefit from volunteering.

“RMCA started up about 10 years ago, and about six years ago they felt there were certain groups of people that did not have access to fresh produce, so the idea came about to create a community garden. The idea was that people could come along, not needing to know anything about growing, and could take a share of the produce they grew.”

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See photo essay here.