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Make raised beds with four steel corner braces – no hardware is needed

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How to build an MBrace raised bed from Art of the Garden on Vimeo.

Raised Garden Bed Brace System

The Raised Garden Bed Brace System consists of four steel corner braces – no hardware is needed. Decide on the dimensions of your raised bed, and have your lumber cut to size. The inside of each brace has a raised channel where you’ll slide your cut-to-size boards to form the four sides of the bed. This system allows you to customize your raised beds to any site and any size, up to 12 feet on each side.

You can use Raised Garden Bed Brace System with any 2″ lumber (2×4, 2×6, 2×10, etc.) The width of the boards you choose determines the depth of your bed. For example, using three 2x4s will give you a depth of 10.5 inches. Using a 2×10 and a 2×6 will result in a bed that’s 14.75 inches deep. (Each side of the Raised Garden Bed Brace itself measures 11″ wide x 13″ high).

Every raised garden bed kit is made in the U.S. from recycled metal. The unfinished steel corners will oxidize and develop their own unique character over time — unless you choose to paint or seal them. We also offer a powder coated bronze-tone finish that will weather the elements without rusting.

We also have three laser-cut designs including a simply elegant Tendril design, an abstract Swirl design and a whimsical Carrot.

See their website here.

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