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“Plant This Movie” – an Urban Farming Documentary in the making

Director Karney Hatch’s second feature documentary, will explore urban agriculture worldwide.

“I grew up on a farm, and though I’ve spent most of my adulthood in cities, I’ve always remained connected to the farming lifestyle. My grandparents were huge gardeners, too, so I’ve had the bug for many years. When I first moved to Los Angeles in 2000, I became aware of the idea of urban farming and how much sense it made, especially in a semi-desert like Southern California which steals (sorry, no other word fits!) most of its water from elsewhere. I began researching the documentary in earnest in 2009, and filming began in Los Angeles last year and now is ramping up with this ambitious filming trip which will take me to Asia, Africa and Latin America before returning to the US for additional filming into the Spring of 2012.

“Where am I going? I’ve been talking with some of the foremost experts in the field, from Danielle Nierenberg at the Worldwatch Institute to Luc Mougeot at the International Development Research Centre. Also here in Peru I’ve been working with IPES, an NGO which works on urban agriculture throughout Latin America. With all this expert advice, I’m looking at these cities:

Shanghai, China
Kalkota (Calcutta), India
Hanoi, Vietnam
Beijing, China
Tokyo, Japan
Kampala, Uganda
Accra, Ghana
Hyderabad, India
Quito, Ecuador
Havana, Cuba

Of course only so much can fit in to one documentary, so I will have to winnow down the list a bit, but this gives you an idea of what’s on the radar screen….”

Of course I will also be doing more filming in Los Angeles and other US cities when I return.

“Plant This Movie”, really? Yes, really! Every DVD will ship with a packet of vegetable seeds, and I’m planning on soaking the cardboard DVD covers in a nutrient solution, so just like those roll-out flower beds, you’ll be able to use the DVD cover and the seeds to start your own little urban farm.

Support Karney Hatch’s film here.

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1 carol wilton { 02.12.12 at 3:17 pm }

slow food st louis would be interested in showing your film. please let me know when it’s released! great work