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Rentachook – Try before you buy – An option for urban chicken farmers in Australia

Dave Ingham and the chickens he rents out.

For $100 plus we will supply you a fully equipped Eco-Coop complete with 2 hens and all their requirements. Six weeks to decide.

Rentachook is located in West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Rentachook started 6 years ago as an idea to encourage people to keep chickens – an environmentally sustainable pet. The concept is that you get to try keeping chooks without having to commit to having them permanently.

Like a try-before-you-buy option, what happens is you buy the Eco-Coop package outright (a chicken coop, 2 hens, feeder, waterer, food and straw) but have 6 weeks to decide if keeping chooks is right for you, your lifestyle, your garden etc.

If you decide to return the chooks and coop, you get your deposit returned and it has only cost you $100. Longer trial periods can easily be negotiated, but we find that 6 weeks is usually about enough time to come to a decision.

Returned coops are sold to other customers and the chooks don’t mind at all.

We also sell coops in three sizes, chooks on their own, certified organic stockfeed and many other items to ensure you have everything you need to be confident in keeping chooks at home. Although Rentachook is Sydney based, we sell flatpack chicken coops around Australia and can hook you up with a local supplier of hens (and in many cases organic feed locally as well).

At Rentachook we manufacture and sell; hen houses, chicken coops, chook houses, chook coops, chook houses, chicken houses for those who want to keep chooks or chickens in their backyard or at home or who surf the net using google (I’m hoping this paragraph will increase the hits on my website). Worth a try eh!

See their website here.

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