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The Book That’s Launched Hundreds of New “Urban” Farm Careers

SPIN-Farming Basics: Thinking of Farming? Think again. There is a new way to farm

By Wally Satzewich, Roxanne Christensen
January 31, 2011
SPIN Farming LLC, 112 pages
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You have a calling to farm but you have no money, no land and no farming experience. No problem. Be a SPIN farmer! SPIN-Farming Basics contains the step-by step learning guides to the sub-acre farming production system that makes it possible to earn $50,000 gross from a half-acre. The guides provide everything you need to get operational and profitable quickly – a business concept, farm design, infrastructure and equipment, investments, detailed day-to-day workflow, crop selection, revenue targets and marketing guidance.

This systematized approach to farming greatly reduces development and startup time, eliminates much initial trial and error, and increases the chances of success. Join the growing corps of entrepreneurial farmers who are practicing the type of farming everyone can understand and more and more want to embrace –SPIN-Farming!

About the Author

Wally Satzewich is a veteran urban farmer and the developer of SPIN-Farming. After farming conventionally for nearly 20 years he realized that by downsizing his operation to less than an acre he could generate the same income as a large-scale farmer, but with less stress and overhead, and with more certainty of success from year-to-year. Along with his wife/partner Gail Vandersteen, he operates Wally’s Urban Market Garden, a multi-locational sub-acre urban farm dispersed over multiple residential backyard plots leased from homeowners in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. The sites range in size from 500 sq. ft. to 3,000 sq. ft., and the growing area totals a half acre. The produce is sold at The Saskatoon Farmers Market and to restaurants. Wally served as agricultural advisor to Somerton Tanks Farm, an urban demonstration farm in Philadelphia, PA that achieved agricultural and financial breakthroughs that many thought impossible, generating $68,000 in gross sales from a half-acre in 2006, its 4th year of operation. He is co-author of the SPIN-Farming online learning series that is helping to foster a growing corps of backyard and front lawn first generation farmers around the world.

Roxanne Christensen is Co-author of SPIN Farming Basics, which details how to grow commercially on under an acre. It is written with Wally Satzewich, a veteran urban farmer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada, who developed SPIN after farming conventionally for nearly 20 years. Roxanne collaborated with Wally on the creation of Somerton Tanks Farm, a half-acre urban demonstration farm operated in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department in Philadelphia, PA. Somerton Tanks Farm, which was the first US. test bed for the SPIN-Farming system, achieved agricultural and financial breakthroughs that many thought impossible, generating $68,000 in gross sales in its 4th year of operation. The big opportunity she sees for SPIN-Farming is that it provides a farming system that can be learned and practiced across all economic classes and geographical boundaries, and that it will foster engaged, rather than escapist, agriculture whereby farmers return to cities and towns and rebuild local food systems that are human in scale and joyful in spirit.

See the book here.

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WOW an $84 112 page book. Give me a break.