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Shepard Fairey creates poster for the documentary ‘Urban Roots’

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A T-Shirt of Fairey’s Urban Roots image – 100% of profits will go to putting farms in schools

“I created this poster for the documentary Urban Roots. It’s a great film and I know from working with these same folks on the 11th Hour that they are great grassroots activists. A portion of the proceeds from this poster go to Urban Roots Action.”

Urban Roots and it’s action to put farms in schools is getting a big push from Shepard Fairey who has generously created a poster to support the action and will donate proceeds from his artwork.

OBEY Clothing will also sell a T-Shirt of Fairey’s Urban Roots image in which 100% of profits will go to putting farms in schools. Urban Roots, Tree Media’s next documentary, is a timely, moving and inspiring film about the emergence of urban farmers in the most unlikely of places, in downtown Detroit.

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1 dr. doug morris { 07.29.11 at 9:24 am }

An important, timely and crucial project. We’ve talked informally in conversation about the idea of organic gardens/farms in every schools for years. Keep us updated, we would like to help and be involved in the project in any way we can. in peace and solidarity, d

p.s. there are lessons to be learned from the Cuban project in urban organic gardening.