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“Urban” town with population of only 3528 rejects chickens

Couple has seven hens on a one acre property in Ontario town of Campbellford

By Mark Hoult, Qmi Agency
Northumberland Today
July 28, 2011


Councillors Kim McNeil and Eugene Brahaney said they are firmly opposed to allowing farm animals on urban properties.

“What concerns me is, how do we as a municipality police it, what kind of work is it going to put on us in terms of policing,” McNeil said. “In Toronto maybe yes, but here there are farms all around and all kinds of eggs. So I would not support it.”

Brahaney said farming practices have already come under fire from some rural residents.

“Just recently someone complained about a rooster crowing in the countryside. I just can’t support this.”

Mayor Hector Macmillan said the municipality is “just asking for trouble” if it starts bringing agriculture into the urban centres.

“I think it’s just wrong to have animals in the urban centres. What’s next? Where do we draw the line? Cattle, swine, sheep?”

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1 comment

1 J { 07.29.11 at 10:09 pm }

I sure would prefer to have some chickens …. and even a goat or two … sharing a *one acre* property rather than seeing only a swath of sterile, fertilizer-engorged grass that uses up ridiculous amounts of water to keep green as well as all the gas required for the ride-em lawn mower!

Perhaps the residents will choose to oust these councillors next election and put in some people more in tune with nature.

Thanks for the article 🙂