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Video of East New York Farm

Our two community-run farmers markets make fresh food available and affordable, while building our local economy and creating places for neighbors for meet and greet.

Video by Hugues Anhes – 2011
Excerpt from Natasha Bowens’ blog “Brown. Girl. Farming.”
July 12, 2011

“Some of you may remember the posts from my time at East New York Farms! last year – a place that meant so much to me and youth that blew me away with inspiration. Now I want to share some words directly from them, in line with the current theme of sharing stories from black and brown farmers and communities involved in food issues here on the blog!

“Thanks to a dear friend, French photographer Hugues Anhes, who filmed and put together some clips of my time with the youth and our interviews with them, I can share one of the first clips with you all – check it out below!”

See “Brown. Girl. Farming.” blog here.

See East New York Farms here.

Also see: “Launch of The Color of Food Directory”. Online Directory & Map of Farmers and Food Activists of Color.

NATIONAL (August 15, 2011) This week an online directory and map called The Color of Food has been launched to the public, listing and locating farmers of color as well as other food system and food movement communities of color. It has become clear that those who control our broken food system do not represent our most impacted communities: communities of color. This imbalance is also unfortunately being reflected in the current food movements – movements such as organic and sustainable, farm-to-school, locavore and even urban gardens and food justice – which have rapidly come into the limelight lacking input from diverse communities. The Color of Food aims to address this problem by raising the voices of farms and food initiatives being led by people of color.