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Replacing a high school edible wall in LA

Urban Farming Food Chain Edible Wall

The Urban Farming™ Food Chain Edible Wall project was originally launched in 2008 at four downtown and Skid Row locations in Los Angeles. These are vertical farming gardens – from 24 to 30 feet long x 6 feet high – growing fresh, healthy produce at locations in the Skid Row and downtown areas. We need to replace the existing wall panel system that’s deteriorating at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex (high school) with the new, improved more durable system we’re now using, ASAP!!

And the new system can handle growing large, root vegetables! The school year is starting and we want the students to have their garden again when they return. This provides students and their families with fresh produce, as they learn about gardening, teamwork, healthy nutrition, greening the environment and skills training through planting and these innovative wall systems. The Edible Wall project has provided much information, experience, joy and self-empowerment to the students.

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1 Mayors Assistant { 08.27.11 at 6:16 pm }

I remember this project….The sponsor Urban Farming is always looking for something for nothing…..I would run the opposite way!!! This is nothing but a scam!!! THEY SUPPORT PHILLIP MORRIS!! aka “Kraft”