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Australia’s Seed Savers have posted 350 video clips

Growing Oyster Mushrooms at Home. Pleurotus species here at 1300m in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The growing medium is made of rice husks, sawdust and limestone. Paulina, she uses neither insecticides nor fungicides. She sells the mushrooms to Chinese restaurants in Ranau town See video how we do it more naturally in our Australian garden on our channel.

The Seed Savers’ Network

Bit by bit we have produced 350 video clips and uploaded them to Seed Savers’ Youtube channel. We were inspired by our visits to farmers and gardeners around the world and by Seed Savers’ garden of 1000 food species in Byron Bay, Australia. We show you how we save seeds, grow and process our food; people and produce on markets in several countries and food we glean on our travels.

Welcome to The Seed Savers’ Network of Australia

The Seed Savers’ Network is an Australian-based organisation established in 1986 to preserve local varieties of useful plants. There are more than eighty Local Seed Networks for local gardeners around Australia. We are also active in forty countries so far. See About Us where you will find an overview of our activities, the countries in which we have worked, our story so far with archives of our work and how you can get involved. See also an overview of our Permaculture roots.

Founders, Jude and Michel Fanton, have authored and published three books, best seller “The Seed Savers’ Handbook”with 32000 copies sold with some free text available on, “Local Seed Network Manual” and “Seed to Seed Food Gardens in Schools” and produced a one hour documentary, “Our Seeds” – purchase our publications or film. Our new documentary “Our Roots” that we filmed in Vanuatu for CIRAD the French research institute will be out soon. Please use the resources we offer at no cost to you and without sponsored links.

Film clips from our seed travels. We have filmed and produced hundreds of clips and uploaded them to Seedsavers Youtube channel. Topics include home seed production, unusual varieties of food plants on markets, food production and distribution systems.

See the short clips here.

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my name is Htay win from working here in my home village.all we r can i get mushroom seed