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Portland embraces front-yard farming

In 2009, Portland officials told Jordan Benner he had to remove this planter box from the parking strip outside his Southeast Portland home. But there were no rules that told Benner what he could build. Three years later, new city rules will allow smaller, narrower planter boxes. Photo by Jordan Benner.

Rules could go into effect this fall

By Beth Slovic
The Oregonian
August 30, 2011


Prepare to meet your future, Portlanders.

Starting soon, you could see more planter boxes springing up in parking strips between sidewalks and city streets.

And folks who embrace this form of urban farming will have Jordan Benner to thank in part.

In 2009, Benner built the planter box pictured at left. But after a neighbor complained, city officials with the Bureau of Transportation ordered Benner to demolish the box, calling it an obstruction of the public right of way. Had he refused, Benner would have faced a hefty fine.

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1 Gabriel Utasi { 09.28.11 at 5:37 pm }

I love this idea. There’s too much time spend grooming grass when we could be growing our own food.