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Urban Agriculture Tour of Edible Hackney

The Edible Map of Hackney by Mikey Tomkins. “You Are Hungry: Mapping An Edible Urban Hackney” investigates how much food can be grown on 25 hectares of south Hackney. Complete map here.

More and more people are finding imaginative places for growing food in urban environments

By Edward Platt
The Guardian
1 September 2011


The map offers a beguiling vision of a district recently ravaged by riots, and yet it isn’t entirely wishful thinking. When Tomkins had greeted our small group half an hour before with a pot of his London Fields honey, he had explained that the tour we were about to embark on would not only take in the places where food might be produced, but the places where it was already in production.

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London Beekeepers’ Honey Festival

The Honeytrap cocktail.
35ml Krupnik honey liqueur
25ml The King’s Ginger liqueur
15ml rosewater
15ml lemon juice (about half a lemon’s worth)
25ml honey

Shake with ice and serve with a twist of lemon in a martini glass.

By Ian Douglas
The Telegraph
23 Aug 2011


Mikey Tomkins keeps the hive on top of the hall and organised the event as part of his work at Sustain, a charity that promotes good practice in food production. ‘We’re a charity, we promote food in huge variety. There’s the sustainable fish for London campaign, the real bread campaign, and Capital Bee [a Sustain campaign sponsored by the Mayor of London’s office] is part of Capital Growth, which promotes food growing in London.

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Foundation offers $2,000 grants, along with curriculum, resources and mentorship, to 1,000 schools for School Gardens

Whole Kids Foundation™ Taking Root With School Garden Grant Program – To be considered, applications must be received by 5pm CST, December 31, 2011.

AUSTIN, Texas. (Aug. 17, 2011) — Whole Kids Foundation in partnership with FoodCorps is now accepting online grant applications for its first major initiative, the School Garden Grant Program, which will be funded by a six-week, in-store donation drive at all Whole Foods Market stores, and online at, from Aug. 17 to Sept. 30.

Created to help schools grow students’ relationships with food through gardening, the new program stems from the nonprofit’s mission of supporting schools’ efforts to improve children’s nutrition.

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KPBS San Diego – Urban Farming Series

The International Rescue Committee’s New Roots Community Farm brings refugees together to share experiences and feel a connection to their new home through community gardening and nutrition and micro-enterprise programs. The farm is located on 54th Avenue and Chollas Parkway in City Heights. Photo by Photo by Ruxandra Guidi / KPBS.

Radio Series

By Megan Burke, Maureen Cavanaugh, Patty Lane
KPBS, San Diego State University

Monday Aug 29, 2011 – The Grow It Yourself movement (GIY).

Tuesday Aug 30 – We look at problems with urban farming, and how that might affect local refugee and immigrant communities.

Wednesday Aug 31 – Low water edibles and growing your own at home without a yard

Thursday Sept 1 – Local restaurants embracing community farming and bringing it to the table.

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Decatur, Georgia – New laws to cover urban agriculture

In 1988 people weren’t farming,(in the city)” said planning director Amanda Thompson.

Written by Doug Richards
11 Alive News
Aug. 31 2011


Decatur, Georgia — Decatur has been a city disinclined to discourage the agricultural tendencies of its urban community.

With a two-acre community garden in the Oakhurst neighborhood, with chickens scratching in the backyards of intown bungalows, where a family with three pygmy goats in the backyard raises nary an eyebrow– it’s all part of the Decatur landscape.

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Urban agriculture – part of the plan – in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Growing vegetable crops within towns and cities, to supply urban markets, is becoming increasingly popular. Photo credit: FAO/Erick-Christian Ahounou.

Radio Interview in Zimbabwe

Interview by Busani Bafana
Agfax – Reporting Science in Africa
September 2011

Interview with two urban farmers who belong to the Northvale Farmers Association, Mr Leonard Mafuwa as well as Mr Mlamu Limkula, who are urban farmers on the outskirts of Bulawayo.

In much of Africa, growing food crops on small plots of land within the city is frowned upon by urban authorities. However, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, a more positive attitude to urban agriculture is developing. A multi-stakeholder forum has been established to lobby for urban farming, and the city council is in the process of developing a strategic plan, as well as policies and by-laws, to optimise urban farm production. Two urban farmers and an economic adviser to the forum discuss some of the challenges and solutions for city-based agriculture.

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