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British Columbia – Critics pan Lantzville mayor’s urban agriculture solutions

Mayor Colin Haime.

He (the Mayor) still doesn’t believe that current residential lots are the appropriate place to grow food because of the conflicts between neighbours growing food creates, namely composting and manure practices.

By Toby Gorman
Nanaimo News Bulletin
September 28, 2011


Better use of Lantzville’s Agricultural Land Reserves could solve the community’s urban agriculture issue, but critics say Mayor Colin Haime’s plan won’t take root.

Over the last 10 months, a group of urban agriculture supporters demanded council amend its zoning bylaw to allow small-scale farming on residential lots.

In an effort to reduce conflict among neighbours, an occurrence that sparked the original debate regarding Compassion farm, Haime explored making the 138 hectares of ALR in Lantzville more accessible for urban agriculture supporters, by proposing smaller lots and tax incentives for people who want to make a modest living producing food.

Haime said most of the properties in Lantzville’s ALR are too large for people to do SPIN (small-plot intensive) farming economically, but too small for any effective large scale farming.

Read the complete article here.

Mayor’s blog here.

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