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Urbavore’s Brooke Salvaggio – Kansas City

Dan Heryer, Brooke Salvaggio and son Percy have had a busy season. From Facebook: Badseed.

Four questions

By Jonathan Bender
Sep 28, 2011


What’s in store for the season and the future of the farm?

This incredibly challenging season is wrapping up with a bang. We are currently laying out more vegetable plots and will begin the laborious construction of a deer fence in several weeks. The deer have destroyed an estimated $13,000 worth of crops this year.

Come October, we will plant garlic (one of our biggest crops) and continue the deconstruction of a 1940s barn that will be rebuilt on the property. All the while, we are keeping our fingers crossed for decent fall crops and a late “killing freeze” so that we will have product to sell into the end of November. This winter, we will focus on off-grid infrastructure. We hope to make progress on both the barn and a small personal dwelling (we are considering a yurt). Future plans include a grape vineyard, more apple trees, blueberries, dairy goats, and a solar-passive greenhouse.

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Urbavore Urban Farm.

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