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Colorado’s first farm on public school grounds delivers organic produce to cafeteria

Kindergarteners hand over their class piggy bank for the farm fundraiser. They raised $20.54!

Denver Green School seeds new innovation – growing their own food

Chris Cunnyngham
Big Think
September 21, 2011


A previously abandoned one-acre field behind the school has been taken over by Sprout City Farms, a project devoted to “innovative urban farms on underutilized land, rooting farmers in the city and bringing good food to neighborhoods.” The food grown is then sold back to the school to be served in the cafeteria. As you may imagine, there were lawyers involved at various steps of the process but Allen Potter, 6th Grade teacher and founding partner of the school, was quick to point out that school district lawyers “were actually our allies in this.”

Allen gave me a tour of the garden and indicated a remaining small patch of scrubby, weedy dirt. “All of this land looked like this. It was just crap. This is all productive land now.” He introduced me to Sprout City Farm Manager and Co-Founder Chad Hagedorn. Chad has the firm handshake and calm demeanor of any other farmer you might meet, even if his current spread is 50 feet from a jungle gym.

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See Sprout City Farms here.

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1 Greg Leonard { 09.30.11 at 11:13 am }


Congratulations on your garden! We have an 11 acre farm on a middle school campus in Sunnyvale. 6th and 7th graders have garden plots where they grow food during the year. We also supply the cafeteria from our farm and we have a farm stand for the neighborhood. Visit our website.