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Zimbabwe: Let’s Embrace Urban Farming

Urban agriculture faces the prospect of growing to unprecedented levels in the near future.

By Shingai T Kawadza
The Herald
Published by the Government of Zimbabwe
30 September 2011
Shingai T Kawadza is a final year Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Rural and Urban Planning at the University of Zimbabwe.


There is clear evidence that urban agriculture is increasing rapidly in urban areas, particularly in Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania.

It has become an essential socio-economic activity for the urban poor particularly in Harare and a great contributor to food security and income generation for the poor families. With the 2015 deadline for the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals and the widespread notion of sustainable development on cards,

the inevitable factors of rapid urbanisation coupled with the dwindling socio-economic environment faced by most developing nations, urban agriculture face the prospect of growing to unprecedented levels in the near future.

The only constriction is its growth in residential development. In addition, the Herald of 13 July, 2010 carried a headline, “City of Harare boundaries extended” of which it was reported that 20 farms have been sidelined for residential development hence clearly outlining the fact that agriculture is being seen as a peripheral activity yet it is the backbone of the country in the region and that taps from the responsibility of ensuring food security in the Sadc region.

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1 C shava { 10.10.11 at 2:52 pm }

Urban agriculture helps suplement diet despite the environmental impact urban farmers are determined to work hard,there is need of a clear policy t adress this issue