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Giant wasp nest found just in time for Halloween at Vancouver’s Compost Garden

Maria holding wasp nest. Photo by Michael Levenston.

Sheryl: “… A dark shadow that looked like an alien head.”

When staff aren’t giving tours, answering the Compost Hotline, or talking to the media, they are gardening our 1/4 acre ‘office’ in Vancouver. Our front garden is landscaped with native British Columbia plants that we don’t have to water in the summer.

This week Sheryl was doing some Fall clean-up out front on an attractive bush. “It was quite the feeling to be pruning away and then to reveal this dark shadow that looked like an alien head, but upon closer inspection it was a beautiful, perfect, huge wasp nest.”

Sheryl turned the job of removing the nest over to our Bug Lady, Maria. “It is the most massive one I have seen in a while. I cannot believe it was so close to the sidewalk all summer!”

The wasps are gone/dead and the Queen has hidden herself somewhere nearby awaiting a new season.

We’ve hung the beautiful nest up to dry – a perfect welcome to those Halloween visitors who have a fear of wasp stings.

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1 Leron Bouma { 10.31.11 at 9:20 am }

That is truly an amazing thing. I saw one that size recently at my local farmers market. The feel of that paper is very soft. What kind of wasp makes that?