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Compost’s secret ingredient – Leaves!

Time to collect your leaves for the coming 12 months

The number one secret to making good compost in a backyard bin is leaves. Every time food scraps go in, add a handful of leaves to the mix. At Vancouver’s Compost Garden, we collect enough leaves in the Fall to last the whole year.

Today Maria and I went down to Kitsilano Beach in Vancouver to collect bags of leaves and just happened to meet ‘Captain’ Kirk who was driving a tractor pulling a leaf vacuum sweeper for the Park Board. He shared with us where the leaves go and how they fertilize the City’s parks.

Leaves are the carbon ingredient that along with nitrogen-rich food scraps and grass clippings are the perfect blend for making compost.

If we could afford to fill large billboards throughout the City with large advertisements right now, we’d tell people to “Save Your Leaves to Make Compost”.

See our head gardener make compost at the Vancouver Compost Demonstration Garden

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1 Katie { 11.02.11 at 6:41 am }

In Chicago our leaves are mostly full of lead :(