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Industrial-Sized Rooftop Farm Planned for Berlin

The success of their mini-garden has inspired the Fresh from the Roof team to turn this flat roof into an urban field. In total their farm will cover 7,000 square meters, the size of a football pitch. By Frisch vom Dach.

“This is a gap in the market and we want to close it.”

By Jess Smee
Spiegel Online
Dec 5, 2011


It is hardly a logical spot for a farm, but three Berliners have earmarked a massive former factory roof for an unusual urban agriculture venture. The sustainable set-up will produce both vegetables and fish for local residents and could be a model for future city farms as the world continues to urbanize.

The Frisch vom Dach, or Fresh from the Roof project, plans to create a 7,000-square-meter roof garden, complete with a fish farm, to provide Berliners with sustainable, locally-grown food. They hope to sow the seeds of a new form of urban agriculture, arguing that traditional farming needs to evolve — and soon.
“Humankind is driving fast into a wall,” said Nicolas Leschke, a co-founder of Frisch vom Dach. “Global resources are running out. With so many people living in cities, we need to think locally.”

Currently, the expansive roof of the former malt factory in Berlin’s Schöneberg district is more grey than green. But in 2013 they plan to harvest lettuce, herbs and tomatoes, as well as raising different species of fish. Once their unorthodox farm is established, they expect to produce tons of vegetables and fish each month.

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