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Time photo essay – Chicago’s food security and urban agriculture movement

Mariah examines a spider web in Eddie Harris’s garden. Harris, a local artist, has converted his lawn into a unique garden in which he paints on trees and creates art with found materials, in addition to growing fruit, vegetables and flowers. By Emily Schiffer — Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund.

Securing Food in Chicagoland

By Emily Schiffer,
a Brooklyn-based photographer
Time LightBox
Dec 12, 2011


Halfway through my first month of shooting, I met Orrin Williams, the founder and director of the Center for Urban Transformation. Born and raised in the South Side community of Englewood, he is familiar with Chicago’s problems and invested in finding holistic solutions. After 30 some years advocating urban agriculture and sustainable communities, Mr. Williams is convinced that building chain grocery stores won’t fix the problems. Instead, Mr. Williams has devised a holistic community redevelopment plan. Williams seeks to convert abandoned buildings into locally owned businesses that will enable the community to thrive.

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Allotments by Twigs Way

By Twigs Way

The humble allotment has a surprisingly turbulent history. Initially the right to an allotment was proposed as a charitable means by which the poor could grow their own food and stave off starvation, but it quickly entered political and social debate. During the World Wars the allotment became the focal point on the home front, as families took part in the Dig for Victory campaigns. The post-war years saw a decline in the popularity of the allotment as the supermarket took over from home-grown produce. Successive governments condemned allotments in favour of new housing.

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1-Acre Farm on the San Diego City College campus

Seeds@City Urban Farm: “Shoots” Greenhouse

Excerpt from their Kickstarter food project appeal:

Seeds was formed in June 2008 through a partnership between San Diego City College and San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project. Since its inception, Seeds@City––an approximately 1-acre farm on the City College campus––has offered apprenticeships three times yearly, and the student demand has consistently been beyond our capacity. The farm provides students with hands-on experiences necessary for learning the skills of urban farming and is the first of its kind at an institution of higher education in San Diego County.

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