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Claudio Oliver: Urban Farmer in Brazil

The day in the life of an urban farmer in Brazil

By Shanne Claiborne
The Simple Way
A Ghetto Hippies Production
December 2011

An urban homestead in Brazil. Goats, rabbits, chickens, grinding coffee, making peanut oil, sun drying tomatoes, making soap.

Shane Claiborne graduated from Eastern University, and did graduate work at Princeton Seminary. His ministry experience is varied, from a 10-week stint working alongside Mother Teresa in Calcutta, to a year spent serving a wealthy mega-congregation at Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago. During the recent war in Iraq, Shane spent three weeks in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team.

The Brazilian project here.

More about Shane here.

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1 Rebecca { 12.19.11 at 8:59 am }

So glad you got to go visit Claudio! I only know Claudio via Facebook, but have learned much and have been inspired (also) by his work in his community. Thanks for sharing – and for making the video, too.