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Urban Agriculture in Cuba Exceeds Annual Goal in 2011

Urban agriculture in Cuba produced 1,052,000 tons of vegetables in 2011

08 January 2012

Urban agriculture in Cuba produced 1,052,000 tons of vegetables in 2011, 105 percent of the plan, which represented about two thousand tons more, an official source told the press.

The executive secretary of the National Group in charge of that movement, Campanioni Nelson, said that for this year they intend to reach one million 55 thousand tons, five thousand more than that scheduled in the preceding year.

At this moment, that area has a high productive potential, consisting of 1,275 hectares of organic gardens, 7, 396 hectares of vegetable gardens 241 hectares ofsemi-protected crops, said the manager.

He mentioned a group of actions developed in 2011 to strengthen urban and suburban agriculture, including the incorporation of idle land in usufruct, by Decree-Law 259.

He also talked about the consolidation of animal-drawn vehicles with the use of more oxen and the goal that each municipality will meet with the requirements in accordance with the conditions of the soil and climate of each locality.

He noted that both types of agriculture have a profound agroecological base, and urged the greater use of local materials and wastes to increase the production of organic fertilizers.

He also talked about the importance of developing the production of seeds in each territory to avoid dependence on imports.

Campanioni also urged to continue the recovery of beds and irrigation systems of organic garden units, and to maintain a diversified food supply with a proper marketing system.

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1 Richard Winkler { 05.13.12 at 9:21 am }

1,o52,000 million tons = 2,104,000,000 lbs.
grown on 8671 hectares = 21,427 acres
= 98,196 POUNDS PER ACRE ?
on each and every acre…
is my math right? if so how??