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30 years ago: City Farmer’s Demonstration Food Garden in Vancouver

A transformed piece of city land, the Demonstration Food Garden.

Red Celery In the Sunshine – An Urban Eden: transforming hopeless backyard hardpan into a lush organic plot

A story about City Farmer’s Demonstration Food Garden
Article and photography by Michael Levenston
Originally published in Harrowsmith Magazine
April/May 1984 Number 54

It is little more than a stone’s throw from downtown, a means of measure quite appropriate for the volunteers digging, weeding and discarding rocks from the painstakingly created soil that covers the sunny backyard of the Vancouver Energy Information Centre. Here, beautifully illustrated signs identify plants and techniques for gardeners who pass by a cold frame, a large solar greenhouse, a three-bin composting system and 30 raised beds filled with healthy vegetables. Occasionally, a train clangs by almost close enough to touch, overwhelming all the other city sounds and reminding the gardeners that not long ago, this little chunk of Eden was not much better suited to growing food than the railway siding next to it.

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Raising Trashcan Tilapia is Latest Trend in Urban Farming

Tilapia in the Bronx. Urban farmer Christopher Toole teaches children how to grow fish and vegetables at The Point in Hunts Point.

“Give a person some fish, and you start a self-perpetuating cycle of education and growth.”

By Jon Schuppe,
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
January 18, 2012


HUNTS POINT — Christopher Toole sees the future of urban farming at the bottom of a 50-gallon garbage bin in the South Bronx, where a pale foot-long fish does lazy loops in dark water.

The fish is one of dozens of tilapia Toole keeps in trash and recycling containers, “aquaponic” tanks and traditional glass tanks in Hunts Point, where he is conducting an ambitious experiment. His plan is to create a network of homes, restaurants and cooperative farms where millions of people in the metropolitan area will raise and eat what he calls Bronx Best Blue Tilapia.

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Strategies for mobilizing our workforce towards urban agriculture with Michael Abelman

Michael Abelman from GroAction on Vimeo.

Luke Miller Callahan interviews Michael Abelman, a Leader in Sustainable Development

By Luke Miller Callahan
GroAction Interviews


How do we catalyze a movement of urban farmers throughout the country throughout the developed world? Renowned speaker, activist, and urban farmer, Michael Abelman sits down with me to discuss the reasoning and strategy behind encouraging millions of people to become small plot farmers.

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