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The Dark Side of Backyard Farming: Should Slaughter Be Banned in Urban Environment?

Backyard Slaughter Trend Evokes a Backlash

By Sami Grover
January 20, 2012


The rise of backyard farming has been held up by many as a more sustainable, humane alternative to the industrial food system. And many backyard farms are including animals for meat and dairy production. Some of their vegetarian neighbors, however, are none too pleased about it. In the latest issue of VegNews, Ian Elwood of Neighbors Opposed to Backyard Slaughter lays out his opposition to backyard animal husbandry of all kinds:

In the past five years, the majority of cities that have deregulated animal husbandry in some way have done so because people want to have backyard chickens as “pets with benefits”—specifically, using the chickens for (urban) farm-fresh eggs. The practice of breeding, keeping, and killing other animals is an afterthought in many locations, without any real scrutiny of the larger impacts on animal welfare, human health, the environment, or city livability.

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1 Claire { 01.20.12 at 7:33 am }

As a suburban, backyard, meat-rabbit breeder I sympathize on both sides of this controversy. I certainly would be heartbroken and angered if how I feed my family was suddenly made illegal, but I also feel it’s the responsibility of the suburban/urban farmer to dispatch of and butcher thier food animals in a private place, being respectful of thier neighbors.

2 Juan { 01.20.12 at 8:09 am }

Vegetarians are the last people you should worry about offending. There puritanical diet and crazy view points for the rest us is what making everyone sick. My only problem with slaughtering animals in a urban setting means you taken you hobby a little too far.