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‘Farmtina’ on her balcony in Brooklyn, New York – WholeFood video series

“Grow – Episode 6” – Excellent series!

‘Farmtina’ – When Martina put a few cucumbers in pots on her balcony in Brooklyn, New York, she had no idea where it would grow from there. A creative spirit helps her face the challenges of city gardening, such as space…and soil.

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1 Isaac Kojima { 01.27.12 at 7:35 am }

Glasses are a precondition to take part in a video? Because the guys on previous ones were wearing glasses too.

2 Jennifer Lauruol { 01.27.12 at 3:21 pm }

Someone should tell her to go around to all her local restaurants and collect their vegetable peelings and coffee grounds. She can compost this and make her own soil without buying it in plastic bags or having to schlepp it across the city. She’ll get an endless supply. She could also go to her local grocery store and collect their bruised vegetables and leaves, and go to her local park and ask for some of their green-waste. She could also make her pouches out of old polypropylene fleeces garments from a thrift store–these are colorful and the material won’t rot; the material is also breatheable so the plants’ roots won’t drown (her wall hangings didn’t seem to have drainage holes in them). So she could also do some raised beds so to have continuous planting areas, not just tubs. But finding local sources of green stuff to compost should be her first priority.