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Cuban Experience in Urban Agriculture Applied in Mexico

Floating gardens of Xochimilco are located within Mexico City, 28 kilometres south of the city center.

Cuban technicians are regularly coming every six months to inspect the program

Por Deisy Francis Mexidor
Prensa Latina News Agency
26 de febrero de 2012

Mexico, Feb 26 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban sustainable agriculture system is now an inspiration in Mexico City, where yards, waste lands and plots have been transformed into urban gardens.

For a city like Mexico – among the largest in the world – the possibility to have urban gardens seemed inconceivable for some people, said Rosa Marquez, head of the Ministry of Rural Development and Equality for Communities (SEDEREC).

Marquez noted that for this agricultural project, sustainable at a small level, there is an agreement with Cuba.

“Cuban technicians are regularly coming every six months to inspect the program, which has been in force for four years now, thanks to an agreement with the Cuban Agriculture Ministry, through the Institute of Fundamental Investigations on Tropical Agriculture (INIFAT),” she added.

“Given the lack of food sovereignty, problems to achieve a healthy diet caused an increase in diabetes and obesity in children, so it is important to give people the opportunity to plant their own gardens,” Marquez added.

A collaboration project with Cuban technicians has already been signed in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

“The construction of the Chilango Model for Sustainable Agriculture at the micro level, starting from the Cuban experience, has shown that if we can build small gardens in a big city, then the method is applicable anywhere else,” Marquez pointed out.

“This shows us how to recover our traditional ways to produce healthy food. The example given by the Cuban government and people is that despite all adversities they face, the projects have gone ahead,” she concluded.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, agriculture in metropolitan areas supplies food to nearly 700 million city dwellers, who account for a quarter of the world’s urban population.

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