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Help Girls Move From Gangs To Urban Farming In LA

For women, incarceration rates have increased by 57% between 1995-2005


Support training for young women at the Homegirl Cafe, as they learn urban farming techniques and grow organic produce while leading community workshops on gardening and nutrition in low-income communities and in low-income schools

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

For women, incarceration rates have increased by 57% between 1995-2005 and continue to rise by about 3% annually. In California, 75% of youth gang homicides and 100,00 probation cases are in Los Angeles County. With a recidivism rate of 58%, many of these young women lack the support systems and job skills they need to live healthy and stable lives.

How will this project solve this problem?

Young women returning from incarceration or in gang-involved families learn urban farming techniques and lead community workshops as part of the Homegirl Cafe Training program,

Potential Long Term Impact

Training over 40 women/year, giving them concrete skills and the tools to make a positive change in their lives enables them create and maintain stable homes, improving the lives of their children, their families, and their community.

Project Message

In prison, I realized it wasn’t the life that I wanted to be living. Since working at the Cafe, this has become a second family. Thanks for the chance to show that we can learn from our mistakes.
– Fallon Tooks, Homegirl Cafe worker

Support the project here.

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1 Jenean Clark { 03.03.12 at 7:11 am }

Sounds like a GREAT idea. This should be implemented in ALL jails, detention centers, prisons, half-way houses etc. Let’s do more to save money for the taxpayers & teach needed skills to EVERYBODY!