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Pittsburgh neighborhoods May Grow More Healthy From Urban Farming

Keith Bey speaks at an urban farming workshop at the Homewood branch of Carnegie Library Saturday. Photo by Tony Tye.

16,000-plus vacant lots in Pittsburgh – 15 percent of usable land

By Alex Ferreras
Post Gazette
February 29, 2012


Ms. Boyd said she is driven to provide food for Homewood and motivated by the role agriculture has played in the past.

“African-Americans have a culture of farming,” she said. “But we are more dependent on the government than ever, and Homewood doesn’t have a place to buy food. I recommend that we as urban blacks return to farming. We need to reconnect to the land and seek the help of our elders to teach and advise and get the younger generations to listen and be teachable.

“If we can reconnect, we could curb the violence in our community.”

Another partner entered the picture to involve youth who participate in Mama Africa’s Green Scouts, a program of the Roots for You Cooperative. Its co-founder, Raqueeb Bey, who is not a direct relative of Mr. Bey, said she is forming a Homewood group of green scouts to learn and contribute to the farm.

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