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Land Use Planning Approaches to Urban Agriculture

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Urban agriculture has the potential to contribute significantly to the wellbeing of Tasmania and indeed Australia’s community.

Churchill Fellowship Report Published
By Dion Lester
2 April, 2012

Churchill Fellowship recipient, Pitt & Sherry Senior Planner Dion Lester, has published his report “Land Use Planning Approaches to Urban Agriculture”. Speaking of his report Dion said that urban agriculture for food production has the potential to contribute significantly to the wellbeing of the Tasmanian and Australian Communities, however for Tasmania to realise the multiple benefits it will be necessary to undertake both policy development and local initiatives such as demonstration gardens.

As part of his study, Dion visited leading examples of urban agriculture in Vancouver, Canada ; Havana, Cuba and Brighton in the United Kingdom. In his report Dion has developed a four-step process for councils and other groups to follow if they are interested in promoting urban food production.

Read the complete report here.

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