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Urban farmer digging down to Common Roots in Halifax

Corner of Bell and Robie in Halifax.

“Capital Health wanted to embark on an initiative that can really help people make some positive choices in their lives.”

By Lezlie Lowe
The Chronicle Herald
April 7, 2012


“I am the farmer,” Jean Snow says, earnest as all get-out.

Never mind that the 56-year-old is standing in muck on the busiest corner of the peninsula, a world of exhaust-puffing cars, spandexed runners and iPod-absorbed pedestrians.

“I feel like waving to everybody,” Snow says. “We are here! Keep your eye out!”

Here, indeed. Snow has arrived. A year and a half ago, her job — resident farmer at the Common Roots Urban Farm on the old Queen Elizabeth High School site — was in the never-never land of public meetings and visioning sessions.

Today, she’s standing on Common Roots’s 1.2 deeply urban hectares picturing mounded rows of “lots and lots of food.”

“I want to do tomatoes, greens, squash, beans, peas, pumpkins, probably some fruit. The only thing I can think of that we don’t need to plant is corn,” she says. And then a pause — “Well, maybe someone can convince me.”

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