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Burundi women tending urban fields in Atlanta

Photo by Deborah Geering.

Urban farming trend growing in Metro Atlanta

By Susan Mittleman
Atlanta’s Public Radio 90.1 FM
April 12, 2012


At first look, urban farming in Metro Atlanta seems to be a growing trend.

But look deeper and you’ll find that for many of these farmers, it’s a way of life, rooted in cultural history. Especially for refugees, who are trying to rebuild their lives while working alongside local communities to serve each others’ needs.

Since women grow most of the world’s food, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see a farm full of Burundi women tending fields and harvesting crops. But some farms are found in unlikely places, take the garden across from the Avondale Marta Station for example.

It’s the third growing season for some 15 women and their families, who collectively farm this former school playground, nearly an acre of land, year-round.

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