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City couple turns to farming and grows Wasabi

Video by Cooking Up a Story.

Cooking Up A Story visits a Rare Wasabi Farm

By Cooking Up a Story
Apr 25, 2012

There are only 4 Wasabi farms in North America. The Wasabi plant is difficult to grow commercially, and because of its value, these farms tend to be hidden from public view. Join us as we visit a Wasabi farm in Oregon, whose only commercial crop are two varieties of Wasabi: Daruma and Mazuma.

From Frog Eyes website:
Frog Eyes Wasabi produces extremely high quality, flavorful, genuine wasabi and is the only commercial wasabi grower in Oregon. Our farm is located on the Oregon Coast where the climate is optimal for wasabi cultivation. Frog Eyes Wasabi has been sampled by the finest sushi chefs in the United States including Iron Chef Morimoto* and been found to be equal to the highest-grade product grown in Japan. With Frog Eyes Wasabi, you have the opportunity to use locally-grown wasabi with intense flavor and distinctive heat.
*Morimoto used fresh wasabi leaves and rhizome from our farm on the August 8, 2011 episode of Iron.Chef.America; episode # S09E15 Morimoto.vs.Tila

Cooking Up A Story here.

Frog Eyes Wasabi Farm here.

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1 DJ { 04.26.12 at 7:45 pm }

Wow, my eyes and nose sting just thinking about fresh wasabi. can’t wait to try some!