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Ridwan Kamil, architect – Saving Cities With Urban Farming

TEDxBandung – in the Indonesian language

Oct. 2011

Ridwan Kamil is one of the biggest names in modern Indonesian architecture. As an architect with a love for green, he uses creative design to solve urban issues. He is famously known as the designer of Aceh’s tsunami museum and Rasuna Epicentrum (Jakarta). His house was made from 30,000 used Red Bull bottles. In 2009 he was received the Top Ten Business Architecture Award from BCI Asia and Architect of the Year from Elle Decor Magazine.

Ridwan Kamil is a creative consultant and educator who cares about social environment. He believe that change is from within and from grass-root movement, not government-driven. His is involved in the Bandung Creative City Forum and Indonesia Berkebun (IDberkebun) which takes place in 14 cities around Indonesia.

More about Ridwan Kamil here.

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1 Trenton Von { 05.27.12 at 11:58 am }

The idea of saving a city through urban farming is a joke. Just glorified recycling which is an after thought to the actual business of survival. A city is a concentration of everything. People, waste, chemicals, etc. A city cannot live within it’s means, i.e., people are too concentrated on the land to effectively produce their own food or dispose of their own waste. The city is the fundamental problem. This “social environment” is some kind of comedy where you all fool yourselves into thinking you are doing something for your environment when the reality is you have no choice to exploit resources elswhere to support your idea of living, and to send your waste to somewhere else as well. It is not possible to “save a city” through urban farming. Do the math. If you want to live “green” dispose of the “city” and it’s concentrations and live on enough land to produce your own food and dipose of your own waste. Anything less is just politics and advertising for someone’s personal profit…