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The Shoestring City Ranch, 4 1/2-acres in the centre of bustling Long Beach, California

It’s home to “sheep, chickens, guinea hens, rabbits, doves, ducks, goats of various caprine persuasions and Poncho the donkeys.

Located in the heart of Long Beach, the Shoestring City Ranch provides free and low cost rural experiences to city kids

By Judy and Kate
Long Beach Post
27 May 2012


Children also come for school projects and credits. They learn to feed the animals, milk the goats, and even walk them (do you say “hoof” instead of “heel?). Kids also learn that bunnies and baby chicks aren’t Easter novelties. The rabbit hutch has a library from which to learn about and read to the bunnies. The APA-ABA Youth Poultry Club’s philosophy and program inspires the bond between the little human chickadees and the little feathered chick’s who would rather be scratching around in the dirt than foraging in a front yard near traffic. At Shoestring City Ranch, the guinea hens and chickens are observed before and after they hatch, and each participating child gets to adopt one and care for him or her on the ranch.

“And,” Thompson said, “we don’t eat our friends.”

Thompson and the crew didn’t name the ranch Shoestring for nothing. Aside from the horse-boarding income, there are in-place donations and additional funding to keep the horses stable within the stables, but they welcome donations to keep the ranch in its wonderful state. The ranch’s wish list includes such things as barn equipment, horse tack and special food for the animals, not to mention manure pickup, which is win-win for all, especially serious gardeners. A renewal of the lease would also be nice.

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1 Denise Thibodeau { 07.10.12 at 6:38 am }

I saw Secret Millionare Sunday night and was so happy to see your ranch getting a nice donation. Also, publicity. What a wonderful thing you are doing. You so deserve that recognition. I hope if I make it out to Cali. someday I can visit your ranch. Do you know how I can get in touch with Hillary, the wonderful person who donated to your ranch? Thnak-you and keep strong.God will Bless you.