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Urban Farming in Mumbai – Bursts Of Green On A Backdrop Of Gray

Urban Leaves Volunteers at Nana Nani Park, Chowpatty. Photo by Nikita Modi.

“It’s a great way to show kids where the food they eat comes from and how much love goes into growing it!”

By Salonee Gadgil
Mumbai Mag


Culinary enthusiast and food blogger extraordinaire, Saee Koranne has maintained a little garden in her window as long as she can remember. It’s something she learnt from her parents. About three years ago, she decided to move to growing plants that were more than just ornamental. She grows mint, tomato, chillies, carrots and brinjal! “Am looking to expand this monsoon to more herbs like rosemary and basil” she says. Just like it would on a farm, much depends on the weather. Clearly, nature really isn’t miles away.

Those blessed by the property gods with a little more space can perhaps graduate to larger plants. Nikhil Merchant, food consultant and “experimental cook”, has a 6000sq foot garden in Andheri East where he has grown Banana, Papaya and Coconut. Nikhil experiments with more exotic herbs as well. In his verandah he grows Thyme, Flat Leaf Parsley and Purple basil, all of which he uses on a regular basis in his kitchen.

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