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Zuidpark – Europe’s largest rooftop farm opens in Amsterdam

Opened June 6, 2012. Video visit in the Dutch.

3000m2 Urban Farming Rooftop

3000m2 Urban Farming rooftop will open for all residents of Zuidpark. Hands-on sowing, weeding and harvesting will be a reality for everyone. The official opening and open day will both feature a tasty example of Zuidpark’s new agricultural element: courtesy of top chefs.

An office is no longer merely a workplace, it has become a centre in which to meet others, where networks come together and friendships are developed.

In the former head office of the Vroom & Dreesmann chain, sustainability, leading-edge entrepreneurship and The New Work philosophy are now combined. Zuidpark residents have ample opportunities for mutual encounters and to find inspiration in shared spaces: These include access to the fitness club or extraordinary lunches on the unique Urban Farming rooftop. This building is dedicated to matching and melding human energy and creativity.

More in Dutch here.

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1 Jennifer Lenhart { 02.13.13 at 2:47 am }

Hi! I live in Amsterdam, working as a PhD on urban climate policy (however originally from Seattle… so close to you!) Anyway, I love your site! And the next phase of my research will be looking at how local authorities & citizens work together to address climate change (mitigation & adaptation) in a city with a focus on urban agricultural projects underway. I’ve blogged a bit about certain UA projects in Amsterdam (but I’m new to blogging & to the topic of UA/ climate connections – previously more focused on energy & transport). So, I still have a lot to learn and I really appreciate this video & all of your varied insights! Do you have any contacts in Amsterdam on the topic? I am just getting started, but it is a really is a fun topic and I am keen to learn more about what is going on right in my own city. If you ever need additional insights from Sweden or Netherlands (I worked formerly in Malmö & they are also working with UA… I am happy to send them your way!)

Thanks for the inspiration!