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Burlington Urban Agriculture Task Force releases recommendations, seeks public comment

Tasked with creating a “cohesive policy for urban agriculture in the City of Burlington.”

After a year of research, the Urban Agriculture Task Force has posted draft recommendations opened up our community input period. Our open comment period will run from July 4th to July 18th 2012.

Among the report’s key recommendations (from Blurt):

Revise Burlington’s zoning ordinance to accommodate and promote more urban agriculture.

Establish a “Burlington City Food Office,” run by a city food coordinator who reports directly to the mayor, to coordinate and implement these and other citywide goals.

Open up public land to urban farming and animal husbandry, emphasizing sustainable and organic practices.

Incorporate urban agriculture into the city’s long-term planning, such as adding incentives for developers who incorporate urban agriculture features into new designs.

Streamline the permitting process for agricultural structures such as barns, greenhouses, pens, coops, etc.

Increase the acreage of community gardens, especially in under-served neighborhoods.

Develop a mediation mechanism for resolving conflicts as they arise.

Encourage urban beekeeping and rooftop gardening, including in the downtown core.

Adopt a “livestock welfare ordinance” for regulating the humane treatment and slaughter of animals.

Adopt a citywide “food charter” or mission statement that spells out the city’s overarching food goals.

See the report here.

Summary from Blurt here.