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Growing Micro Greens and Organic Produce for Restaurants in Portland

Stacey Givens: The Side Yard in Portland. Oregon

Video and story by Rebecca Gerendasy
Jul 18, 2012

Chef Stacey Givens, founder and owner of The Side Yard in Portland, Oregon, and chef at Raptor ridge Winery in Newberg, talks about growing micro greens and selling them to the city’s finest restaurants. Since the term “micro greens” is relatively new, below are answers to a list of frequently asked questions.

What are micro greens? Mostly, they are regular plants harvested early when they are only a couple inches long. There are seed varieties that are micro-mixes, but they’re not necessary.

If I want to grow micro greens, do I need special plants? No. Just seed a little heavier than normal and thin them out once they get their “true leaves” (which are different than the cotyledon leaves sprouted by new seedlings).

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Actor Robert Blake recounts an experience with a chicken in his grandma’s backyard in 1936

Little Rascals and television series Baretta star Robert Blake in the 1930’s.

“I spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s backyard, which was filled with a vegetable garden, two goats, rabbits, chickens.”

By Robert Blake
Tales of a Rascal
Black Rainbow Publications (2011)

Excerpt from his autobiography Tales of a Rascal

You talk about crazy as a shithouse rat, I was a shithouse rat.

1936. Bloomfield Ave., Nutley, N.J. On one side of the street, a three-story wooden walkup tenement. We live on the third floor. Right across the street, in a very, very, very, old, wooden house, lives my grandmother. The house is so old that they had to add running water and electricity long after the house was built.

Bloomfield Ave. was a narrow street. Very little car traffic, almost non-existent. In those days there were only four cylinder cars with wooden spoke wheels. Mostly it was horse carts and pushcarts.

And me, little two-and-a-half-year-old Mickey, who nobody gave a shit about one way or the other, could wander back and forth at will. I spent a lot of time in my grandmother’s backyard, which was filled with a vegetable garden, two goats, rabbits, chickens. The entrance to the wine cellar and the ominous two-hole shithouse. Yes, there was some plumbing inside, but you had to pump for kitchen water, and there was no toilet, no bathtub. So rain or shine, hot or cold, wind or snow, you shlepped out to that two-holer and hoped for the best.

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Germany – Andernach residents create a community garden

Video story by Deutsche Welle
July 13, 2012

The town of Andernach in western Germany has turned a local eyesore into a lush garden. Local residents are thrilled – they are permitted to pick the fruit and harvest the vegetables and they take pleasure in the beauty of the garden. At first, though, some local politicians were opposed to the grassroots initiative.

See more photos here.

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