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Fava Bean Humous

Maria shows us her fava beans.

Harvesting fava beans in July at Vancouver’s Compost Garden

Maria grew two varieties of fava beans this year, Exhibition Longpod Fava and Purple Fava, both from Salt Spring Seeds. She is harvesting the beans right now at the end of July and has prepared a delicious humous.

Her recipe ingredients include fava beans, tahini, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper, all blended with a hand blender.

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Urban Farming is an Urban Myth – Commentary

The cost of such gardens (roof food gardens) runs at $270 a square foot or over $11 million per acre, which is about 3,000 times more expensive than some of the very best prime farmland.

By Maurice Hladik
Ag Professional
July 27, 2012
Maurice Hladik is author of Demystifying Food from Farm to Fork. He grew up on a farm in western Canada and was an active farmer into his early adult years. He earned two degrees in agricultural economics, served as an agricultural diplomat in several countries and also worked for an international agricultural company.


Then there is the question, ‘where are all those urban dwellers with the skills and the inclination to seriously grow food?’ I maintain there has been plenty of hype and encouragement in recent years for city folk to get out and grow food. It would be surprising if there is a latent population of closet gardeners who might spontaneously become active and tear up their lawns and make a go with veggies or fruit trees. It is doubtful if even this one percent of potential urban land resource could ever be utilized, given the lack of enthusiastic and capable gardeners. However, it should be noted that in developing countries food security issues, land use patterns, the presence of recent migrants with farming skills and household labor ability are quite different than in North America and, in such an environment, significant quantities of food are produced in urban settings.

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